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Welcome to explore the Talent Tampere webpage!

This site is designed for bridging international talents interested in working in the Tampere region and the companies looking for international competence. The activities, services and events for these two target groups in the Tampere region are gathered all here in order to help you to find them easily in one place.

Tampere Region is a wanted, admired and valued centre of international know-how. Talent Tampere Network creates links between employers and international talents and make the existing services in the field more reachable. Under its wings it gathers the services that further the internationalization of companies in the Tampere Region and makes the region more desirable for an international talent to live and work in. Integration of international talents into the innovation platforms is also promoted. The fact that the Tampere Region has diverse talent is used to promote the region's businesses' internationalization and growth.

The Talent Tampere Network is co-ordinated by Business Tampere The other members of the network are the City of Tampere, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre), Tampere Region Employment Office (TE Office), Federation of Finnish Enterprises, (regional branch), Universities in Tampere and Tampere Chamber of Commerce. In addition to these, the network consists of a group of advicers from different companies and international talent pool of the Tampere region.

Talent Tampere coordination and development is currently funded by the City of Tampere and the Ministry of Economic Development and Employment.

Tampere Ambassador network
Tampere Ambassador network was launched in May 2015 to gather together internationally and business oriented people from Tampere Region who share the main goal in promoting Tampere as an attractive destination for investors, talents and tourists. The network is open for everyone who feels love for Tampere and wants to create awareness of Tampere Region internationally. Anyone with the global mind-set can become a Tampere Ambassador and promote the region.

Tampere Ambassador network is funded by Business Tampere.

The main objectives of the Ambassador network:

  • Enhance the international awareness of the Tampere Region
  • Create awareness of Tampere Region in the eyes of investors, talents and tourists
  • Create new ways of place branding, marketing and development for Tampere Region