Ambassadors Lauren and Mira presenting Tampere at Turku, Finland

Tampere All Bright Ambassadors present to the first Student Ambassadors of South-West Finland at Turku city hall

On 11th May Tampere - All Bright! Ambassadors, Mira Valkonen from Finland and Lauren Stevens from the United Kingdom, presented the network at the official nomination event of the first Student Ambassadors of South-West Finland at Turku city hall.

Firstly, we were introduced to the Ambassador Network of South-West Finland, and then heard from representatives of the City of Turku, who gave us an overview of the history of the city and its business opportunities. The Chamber of Commerce, who supports the South-West Finland Ambassador network, later provided further information about business activities in Turku and principal countries which it imports from and exports to.

Then it was our turn to present. We started by explaining what the Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador network is, how it started, and how it is structured. We described the requirements for being an ambassador, provided examples of the diversity of members within our network, and briefly mentioned the application process. After telling the audience about some of our recent events and activities, we shared our own stories, specifically why we joined the network, what we have done in the network, and how we have benefited from being part of it. In the end we received many questions about the network from the new Ambassadors and those present who have supported their launch.

Finally, the present Student Ambassadors of South-West Finland were each officially nominated with certificates, badges, and a goody bag. We then all proceeded to network in the city hall’s reception with wine and snacks, and later moved to a restaurant for an unofficial event where we got to know better the Ambassadors. Not only did we become acquainted these new Ambassadors and make some useful contacts, but we got to know each other better too, as it was our first Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador trip outside Tampere. We are looking forward to cooperating and sharing ideas with the new Student Ambassadors of South-West Finland in the future.

Lauren Stevens and Mira Valkonen at Turku Hall.