Finland 100 days healthy happy challenge

Tampere Ambassador Selene Gama together with AFAES (Africans and African Europeans association) and AIESEC Finland have launched 100 days Health Happy Days challenge for companies and individuals. From voluntary basis Selene is pushing forward the Finland 100 Year celebration and encouraging people to create a challenge. All this will culminate to a Tampere on Stage event on the 5th of August. Please find out more information and get it touch with Selene if you would like to participate:

The 100 days Health Happy Days Challenge is a project that intent to honor the 100 years of Finland by literally preparing ourselves for the next 100 years of successful histories!

While participating in our project by creating your own challenge and sharing your updates with the world, you can increase the visibility of your company extensively and can create a network for potential future partnerships. Find companies with the same daily challenges and find solutions together. Take your chance and help us celebrate Finland!

During the next 100 days you have the opportunity to choose your own challenge, group up with others and share your experiences online with #Finland100days. On August 5th we will celebrate all the challenges and the 100 years of Finland at our annual Tampere on Stage event – Laikunlava park but you can also organize own events anywhere in the world!

Here is a simple guide line:

- CHOOSE OWN CHALLENGE – find solutions for new product import / export coasts, new platform for an international network, interact with local neighboard companies, etc

- SHARE YOUR CHALLENGE - #Finland100days – by video, post, emails, Youtube video, etc.

- KEEP YOUR CHALLENGE UPDATED – this is very important to keep growing your visibility and participation on your challenges. Remember, this is very informal and the results will depend on the mutual interests from you and the ones who follow your post.

That is it! Wait, you want more?

You can be a sponsor. AFAES RY is a nonprofit organization with 14 years of experience in Finland. Our main goal on this particular project is to promote local talents and companies internationally and create an interactive atmosphere for cultural integration and understanding.

How you can help us?

Space for workshops and meetings, speakers interested to share own challenge and experiences, printed material (in case needed on workshops) craft material for kids and adults (recycle material that we can give second life for criative workshops). Sponsorship for print our official t-shirts. Snacks for meetings and events that will take place around the city. Sound system for music and speakers. Gifts to ruffle with audience at Tampere on Stage event. I am very sure that your company or organization could have something that we can give a special use.

For more information please do visit our website, or contact us directly at: selene@afaes.fi

Few more details:

Tampere on Stage – 05.08 12:00 – 20:00 - Laikunlava stage area - Tampere
Program: Stage show – 2pm – 6pm
Kids tent – 2pm – 6pm
Share your challenge on stage – 1pm – 2pm (must inform before hand!)
Food tents – 12am – 5:30pm (space price: 30€)

We hope you accept our invitation and are looking forward talking to you soon.

Yvonne Leuenberger
AIESEC Volunteer for AFAES

Selene Gama
AFAES Project Coordinator
+358 442309300

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1430476663703797/

Website: http://afaes-tampere.wixsite.com/tampere/100-days