Infographic of Tampere Ambassador Network's achievements in 2017

Business Tampere's Tampere Ambassador Network has been operating for three years now. These years have been filled with actions, most of them initiated by Tampere Ambassadors, and the year 2017 was no exception.

In 2017 the network  connected Tampere with many international businesses and organizations, which is one of the main targets of the Tampere Ambassador Network. For example His Royal Highness, Prince Michael of Kent and His delegation visited Tampere for a Round Table discussion event in September. 

In addition to company cases, Tampere received a lot of international media coverage during the year 2017. All of the articles and stories on Argentinian, Romanian and Austrian media were again fully initiated by Tampere Ambassadors.

As the results on the infographic below shows, the network can have a huge influence on the regional awareness and  the vitality of Tampere. Business Tampere is extremely proud of the Tampere Ambassador Network and the energetic and commited people in it.

Let's make the following year 2018 fantastic together!