Thank you to everyone who joined our September Ambassador hosted get-together!

We had an amazing time!

Below you can find the presentations and the contact information of each presenter. Save the date for our next get-together: Business Development in Tampere - Thursday, November 19th, 2015 from 17h to 20h

- How Tampere organizations are working together to promote internationalization
- Opportunities for connecting with business life in Tampere
Laura Lindeman - TredeaTalent Tampere, Twinkle - laura.lindeman@tredea.fi
Presentation: Laura Lindeman.pdf

- Exploring the talents that Tampere region needs now and in the future
Markus Sjölund, Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry - markus.sjolund@tampereenkauppakamari.fi
Presentation: Markus Sjolund.pdf

- TreStart – New Jobs and Innovation
Jarmo Rintamäki, TreStart - jarmo.rintamaki@tredea.fi
Presentation: Jarmo Rintamaki.pdf

- Meet Ambassador Mira Valkonen with tips for making your CV successful
Mira Valkonen - valkonen.mira.e@student.uta.fi
Presentation: Mira Valkonen.pdf


What is an ambassador-hosted event?
Ambassador-hosted events are open to both foreigners and Finns interested in meeting other internationally minded people living and working in the Tampere region. Each event has a fresh theme ranging from business to Tampere lifestyle topics. The one thing they all have in common: Promoting Tampere as the best living, working, studying and business environment in the world.

Who are Tampere – All Bright! Ambassadors?
Ambassadors are members of a network of international and business oriented foreigners and Finns living and working in the Tampere region. Network members work to promote internationalization in the region and introduce Tampere as the best living, working, studying and business environment in the world. Ambassador-hosted events are just one way we connect the international minds of Tampere. If you feel love for Tampere, consider becoming an ambassador! Learn more