Red Nose Restaurant Day

The Tampere Ambassador Network pulled together a Red Nose Restaurant Day at Finlayson the 21th of May 2016. The idea was to give a taste of the many different cultures living in Tampere. All of this happened on the restaurant day in the Finlayson area. (Check out the great video of the clown)

Besides showcasing the rich multicultural environment in Tampere, all the profits made from the event were given to the Red Nose Association, Hospital Clowns. They are also known as the hospital doctors who try to provide a better life to hospital patients, in particular children.

"Our goal as Ambassadors is to promote and attract attention to Tampere inside and outside Finland. In addition to that, as ambassadors we also want to promote the multicultural environment in Tampere, alongside its strengths and possibilities. We are arranging the Global Red Nose Restaurant Day in order to showcase the magical multicultural environment in Tampere and the will behind it, to contribute towards the society we all live in. We grow stronger together!” Pedro Silva, Tampere Ambassador.

The countries present at the event were Argentina, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy and Portugal the 21.5. at 12-18.

The total profit of the event was 389,14 € and it will be donated to the hospital clowns.


Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador network

Information about Hospital Clowns:Hospital Clowns