Sharing the news about R&D know-how through a business case

Here's an example how we can spread the good word about Tampere around.

Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador René Graichen tipped us off that the company he works for, Parker Hannifin, is locating their hydraulic and fuel filtration research and development to Hervanta, Tampere. The reason for this was the top notch research and development know-how we have here in Tampere.

René and others at Parker Hannifin provided us (Tredea) with a one sheet release with pictures that I edited a little to highlight the reasons for Parker's decicion on coming to Tampere. We published the release as a news article in Finnish and English on our web magazines Tampere - All Bright! Magazine and Tampereen seudun vetovoima.

Statistics as far as we know:

  • Parker Hannifin shared the English version on their Facebook page that has 5256 followers. The post got 22 likes and 2 shares.
  • Parker also shared the English version on their Linkedin page that has about 93,500 followers. The post got 41 likes.
  • Tredea shared the English on Tampere - All Bright's Facebook with 3006 followers. The post got six likes and 581 people saw it.
  • On Tampere - All Bright's Twitter the tweet got 4 retweets, 2 likes and 1137 people saw it.
  • On Tredea's Linkedin the post got 12 likes and 1492 people saw it.
  • Tredea shared the Finnish version in Tredea's Facebook page with 733 followers. The post got 39 likes, 16 shares and over 3000 people saw it. 
  • The article on Tampere - All Bright! Magazine (English) has now been read 239 times and in Tampereen seudun vetovoima (Finnish) 263 times.

See the articles here (and share, of course):

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