Tampere Ambassador: Berta Portugal

I was born in Porto, the second biggest city of Portugal, well-known for Porto wine, francesinha and friendly people. But in fact, I was raised in a city called Oliveira de Azeméis, in an inspiring family that, since I was a child, has showed me how to follow and fight for my dreams.

After high school I decided to move to Porto and take a Nursing degree at Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto. This gave me the opportunity to combine two of my passions, people and medicine. Life to me, though, is much more than just standing in your comfort zone. I like and need challenges. I like to move further. The well-known El Camiño de Santiago gave me a new me. An Interrail around the Europe offered me a variety of new cultures, traditions, people, friends, adventures, and fears and gave me new courage. In music I find myself. However, it was ERAMUS in Tampere that made me feel at home.

Therefore, after I finished the degree, in July 2014, I started to learn Finnish and to work as a volunteer in a nursing project. In May I got a job in Toijala and moved to Tampere again. Besides nursing I have a business vein, so last September I went to Paris to promote and work as a seller for AZEMAD, in one of the world’s most famous fairs: Maison & Objet.

“Why Tampere is the best place live?” Because it is beautiful, green, organized, clean and safe… We can choose between living surrounded by nature or people. You can found a balance. There is plenty of parks, and the lake is always nearby. Culturally speaking, there is always something going on. We have a theater week, a flower week, a food week, a dance week, lots of music festivals, improv festival, film festival, plenty of museums and there are always student prices in each event. In terms of mobility, you can go everywhere by bicycle, or easily catch a bus. Furthermore, you can survive in here with English language, but of course, if you want to belong to the society, then you need to learn Finnish.

As a social person, I ended up taking part at many different international activities around the city. I started by joining kielikahvilla, then Lindy hop, Tukka theatre group, and recently I have been invited to be part of the couch surfing group in Tampere. There is plenty of choices.

My mission as a Tampere Ambassador is to share my experience by living here, as a student and employee, as well as to connect people and potential businesses between Finland and Portugal. Especially between the North of Portugal and Tampere.

I deeply believe that altogether we will make Tampere bigger and brighter, more visible and recognisable around the world.

Juhannus 2015, at 1 am. Viinikanlahdenpuisto, in the end of August 2015. Tampere Day - Free walking tour in Pispala.

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