Tampere Ambassador: Jukka Hosio

Where are you from?
I’m a Finn, and have been living here most, but not all, of my life. I would say I am from two different places in Finland: I was born in Nivala, where I lived for the first six years of my life. Then my family moved to Turenki, where I spent my school years.

Is there anything you would like to tell about yourself?
My working life gave me the opportunity to live abroad and to work with many different nationalities. I came to Tampere to study at Tampere University of Technology and after one year I also started to study at University of Tampere. I liked the region so much that I decided I wanted to live here. Since then, I am passionate about trying to attract more businesses to Tampere. This is very important to me, you could almost say that it is my second profession that I do in the background.

Why is Tampere the best place to live?
First of all, if you want to live in Finland, Tampere is part of the second largest economic region of the country, but it is still fairly small. Therefore, you will get all the benefits of living in a big city in Finland while still enjoining the benefits of a small city -- things are easier here. You can live close to a lake and be very close to the city center at the same time, having access to all kinds of facilities. If you want to do sports, we have everything here, if you want culture, we have everything here, and so on. We have everything in a compact area. It is easy to get around and easy to live in. In Tampere you have plenty of good sides with almost no negative sides.

Can you talk about your professional activities?
I worked for Nokia for almost 20 years and did many things there: product management, sales, marketing and business development. I learned a lot there and had the opportunity to work both in local offices and global teams. When I left Nokia, I had some criteria to choose what to do next. First of all, I wanted to work with products, second, I wanted to work in a small company and third, I wanted to live in Tampere. Now I work for Deltabit, a 20-year-old company that produces exciting fingerprint based products and identification systems for homes, companies and health care. I am also a shareholder in the company, so I got everything I wanted to do plus a bonus.

What is your involvement in international activities?
When I used to work at Nokia, I had the opportunity to visit many different countries, working in teams with several different nationalities both in Finland and globally. I learned quite a bit about business practices in other countries and came to the conclusion that the underlying principles are the same wherever you go. Individual people make the difference.

Now at Deltabit we are expanding our business abroad, since Finland is a fairly small market. Because of this, I’m constantly in touch with people and companies from many different countries. I am always actively bringing up the good sides of Finland and promoting Tampere to them.

What is your mission as a Tampere Ambassador?
My goal is to employ people in Finland and to bring foreign investments to Tampere. Since our business is run internationally, I hope to attract more international talents to the region. I also want to promote the city to my contacts abroad. I think we have a nice story to tell about Tampere.

What potential do you see for the city in the future?
In Tampere, you have business from different industries and high quality education in several fields of study. Tampere has also become one of the main startup cities in Finland, so lots of new things are on the way. The region has many skilled people and a nice environment to live and work, so I believe it has potential to grow and become more international.

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