Tampere Ambassador: Jun Ma

I am from China and received high school and college education in China.

After a few short hops, I came to Finland. I pursued doctorial study in Tampere University of Technology while working in VTT - Technical Research Center of Finland. I was very lucky that I had a greater supervisor from the university to guide me through the thesis study. In my past 25 career life, all, except 2 years, have some links to Finland. Even now, I am working with Posti Oy as an external consultant to develop business in China.

Earlier this month, when I saw the message from LinkedIn that Tampere is looking for "Tampere All Bright! Ambassador", I realized that it is my time to contribute to the place where I studied and the society where I lived.

Due to my current job, I have a lot of exposure to the e-commerce sector in China. My customers are either online sales platforms, e-merchants, or logistic service providers. The business which I have been focusing is cross-border business, either import or export. I would be happy to extend my business activity to help enterprises or merchants in Tampere enter into China market. This will be my mission as a Tampere - All Bright ! Ambassador.

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