Tampere Ambassador network launch with Twinkle 2015!

Thank you for the great Tampere  Ambassador and Twinkle2015 networking event for all the participants the 20th of May!

Next networking get-together will be the 17th of June! Join to the Tampere Ambassador network and become an Ambassador of Tampere: http://talenttampere.fi/networks/ambassador

Tampere Ambassador network

Do you feel love for Tampere?
Are you interested in meeting internationally and business oriented people from Tampere? Would you like to help the Tampere region to be more international and more open for international people?

What: Tredea is planning to start an Ambassador network which aims to gather together internationally oriented people from the Tampere region.

For whom: This network is open for all people regardless of their nationality or professional background. If you feel love for Tampere and you would like to participate in the internationalisation of the region this is your chance to do it!

Contact: Mari Taverne, tel. 040 801 2686, mari.taverne@tredea.fi

Twinkle loves you

A warm welcome to all Twinkle Movement volunteers, wannabes, hang-arounds!

TWINKLE event on 7-8 Dec 2015 is the platform to discover the value of international competences and connections for business growth and empowerment.

Two days. 2000 people from all of the world in Tampere-talo. Seminars and workshops.Top speakers. International talents and companies networking and co-creating.

Check out the site: twinkletampere.fi/
Become a Twinkle Fan at: www.tmup.co/t/twinkle

Contact: Laura Lindeman, tel. 040 820 1978, laura.lindeman@tredea.fi
Marjukka Hourunranta, tel. 040 801 2687, marjukka.hourunranta@tredea.fi