Tampere Ambassador: Nuppu Suvanto

Where are you from?
I come from Finland; I was born in Nilsiä, spent my early childhood in Klaukkala, enjoyed my primary school years in Luoma, continued to upper secondary school in Helsinki and bought my first own apartment from Espoo. Now I live in Narva, Vesilahti and work in Tampere.

What would you like to tell about yourself?
I’m an easy-going and open-minded woman. I enjoy life with lovely people, beautiful things and dancing. I’m happily married and have a 2,5-years old daughter.

Why is Tampere the best place to live?
Tampere is perfect in size, atmosphere, versatility and services. It offers everything to everyone; events, culture, sports, shopping, nature and outdoor activities.

Tell about your professional activities?
For years now I have worked in Human Resources in both Finnish and international organisations. Currently I work at the University of Tampere as a specialist in International HR. I give guidance to all foreign employees in entry measures and relocation matters, and I also handle the process of work assignments abroad and solve international working situations.

What is your involvement in international activities?
At the University of Tampere I work with international people in international surroundings. As the contact person of the University of Tampere Euraxess Service Centre I promote Tampere also outside my organisation. I consider growing and keeping both personal and professional international networks important and above all fun. I quite naturally love travelling!

What is your mission as a Tampere Ambassador?
My mission is to promote Tampere as a friendly home city to internationals and to work with the local networks in order to facilitate the relocation and integration to Tampere.

What potential do you see for Tampere in the future?
Tampere has it all to be developed into a truly international city; enthusiastic people, convenient and flexible size, innovation possibilities. Cooperation, networks and motivation will take us far. Let’s do this together, Tampere Ambassadors!

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