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Tampere Ambassador: Porelela Diafouka

Where are you from:
I am from the Republic of Congo.

About me:
I am a teacher and an entrepreneur. I have created a business here in Finland since 2011. The Business is focused on education and culture and also on the development of international business. I also have some partners in England.

Tampere the best place to live:
Tampere is a very good place where people can share their cultures and also contribute to the development of the city.

Professional activities:
When I was living in Haapavesi I was teaching French language and how to play drum (Djembe) to children and adults. But at the moment, I am working as an interpreter .

As for the international activies, I was working as a volunteer for Plan Suomi to help children around the world and also for FI-KVT ry. But now, I am working for Amnesty International.

Involvement in international activities:
When we talk about the international business that I want to develop here in Tampere; For more information, please find here:

My mission as a Tampere Ambassador:
My vision is to contribute to the development of Tampere for a better future.

The future of Tampere
Tampere will be a better place to live. The city that will be open to all continents of the world.

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