Tampere Ambassador: Reima Räsänen

I am Finnish entrepreneur, lived here all my life. I come from a very small village in Savo. I like music and I play guitar a little bit on my free time. I also like photography.

I have lived in many places because of my previous work, but when I graduated as a massage therapist, I moved here in Tampere. Here I have lived for a few years, but at the moment I live with my wife (Selene) in Akaa. I work in Tampere, where I have my office. I like Tampere's atmosphere and people accept me very well. Nature is beautiful and peaceful.

I have been working as a volunteer in international associations, organizing and participating in events. In particular iCount - which is a project based in Helsinki. I’m the only Finnish volunteer, which makes me feel special. We have training workshops (radio broadcasts and videos etc.) This way I’m improving my English!

I want to help in AMBASSADOR events. I like to be a support for others. This way you don’t notice me in the events, but I'm there to help by using my skills, which is perfect for a shy person I am.

Tampere's prospects are good. It is a growing city so there are good opportunities for all types of businesses and good learning opportunities.

As a professional Massages Therapist and Ambassador of Tampere, I want to help the development of the healthcare sector in our region. In my company I have a collaborator who is immigrant and as one of the benefits of this partnership, I have received a lot of immigrant customers.

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