Tampere Ambassador: Saara Lindén

1. Where are you from?
I come from Finland, from a beautiful small village called Kolho, and I have been living in Germany for around five years now. After my high school and university studies in Tampere I moved to Helsinki and later on here in Ulm, Southern Germany.

2. What would you like to tell about yourself?
I am an internationally oriented and open-minded person who loves travelling, exploring and networking. In Tampere I studied International Relations and here in Germany I am now working as a Country Support Manager for a start up called connectAuPair.world which provides advanced au pair matching and information services worldwide. I love living and travelling here in the middle of Europe but I also enjoy my trips back home in Tampere region several times a year.

3. Why is Tampere the best place to live?
I have a long history of living abroad, in Germany, France and US, and I have noticed that promoting Finland and my favourite city Tampere comes naturally from me where ever in the world I am. It is because of my own, extremely positive experiences of both studying and working in Tampere which is so full of varying activities and positive energy. And probably the most beautifully located city in the world!

4. Tell about your professional activities.
As a Country Support Manager in a German start up connectAuPair my goal is to ensure a successful launch and rapid growth of the company's au pair matching functions and information and community support services in Finland. I am also participating in the company's marketing activities worldwide which I find extremely interesting in our digitized and globalized world.

5. What is your involvement in international activities?
My friends and colleagues come from all over the world and in my daily life I combine three languages: English at work, Finnish at home and German everywhere else. My work is about networking internationally and I really enjoy helping customers and planning marketing etc. in different countries and cultures from all over the world. World is just full of possibilities! In addition to my my professional activities I have also been working as a volunteer in a local refugee center, which gives me yet another perspective in working together with varying cultures and backgrounds.

6. What is your mission as a Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador?
I already have strong networks in Europe and especially in Germany where I moved almost five years ago. Germany with its huge, growing economy is a country with enormous potential for Finland and Tampere region. In Germany, as in whole Europe, people already share a positive image of Finland and Finnish cooperation in general so it is a nice and motivating target for creating new networks and marketing. I want to do my best to contribute developing business relations between Tampere and German industries and to create international networks for Tampere region.

7. What potential do you see for Tampere in the future?
Tampere has a huge potential for future growth due to its versatile high level studying and research possibilities. Internationalization, creating worldwide networks and globally profitable business ideas and products start originally from the universities and research centers. Let's make sure that the international talent we have in Tampere doesn't slip away and concentrate on appreciating and profiting from varying backgrounds of international professionals. Boosting international start up economy with all the skills and knowledge we have in Tampere region and internationally is the key for future growth in Tampere region.

saara linden tampere all bright ambassador

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