Tampere Ambassador: Svetlana Auzina

Where are you from?
I relocated to Tampere from Riga, capital city of Latvia, but my actual place of birth is Liepāja – a beautiful resort city nearby the Baltic Sea. Tampere reminds me of my native city and it seems I have now found my place to live and raise my child.

What would you like to tell about yourself?
I have started my entrepreneurial activities several years ago when I relocated to Finland. I primarily focused my efforts on developing a cross-border cooperation between Finland and Latvia and have already started to build a business network (really, I have been a reliable Tampere Ambassador for Latvia for years!)
Every day of my life, I do my best to assist people, international and local, around me – with advice and action, or just a friendly smile of support. My everyday business and community service activities are filled with building a strong support network and comfortable meeting point for all background families here in Tampere. I am open to new ideas and challenges, happy to share my expertise and knowledge to those interested. Welcome to contact me directly on LinkedIn and Facebook!

Why is Tampere the best place to live?
Tampere is a comfortable city for active life: it is a quiet city surrounded by beautiful lakes and woods, but it provides also a wide range of top quality educational services and ensures a reliable business environment.
Tampere supports the well-being of its residents, offering a range of quality services such as healthcare, education and integration, business and start-up consultancy, defense and security, traffic organization, etc. Here in Tampere, your life is safe and stable, with numerous opportunities for personal and professional development, hobbies and sports.

Tampere is a welcoming host of local and international art, music, dance and sport events. It brings different cultures closer by organizing cultural weeks. You always can follow Tampere agenda online, visiting tourist advice centers and checking the notice boards – there is always something interesting on display for every taste!

Tell about your professional activities?
I have come to the idea of entrepreneurship after several years of productive work in the internal audit back in my native country Latvia. Besides, I have graduated with a bachelor degree in finance and MBA with recognition. Diverse education and practical involvement developed my ability to overlook processes strategically, focus on operational efficiency, using risk-based approach and best practices of corporate governance. 

What is your involvement in international activities?
I am a happy mother of a little kid. I have accepted a positive challenge of combining the roles of entrepreneur, open-minded volunteer and family leader, focusing on the field of early education, development and care. I have founded the Tampere Parents' Association ry (Tampere PASS ry, www.tamperepass.org), which is a non-profit organization, serving as a platform for multicultural families and providing opportunities to socialize and befriend other families and integrate into Finnish society. Besides, I have opened a family daycare and family center TreasurIQ (www.treasuriq.fi), which offers tailor-made family daycare services in Finnish, English and Russian and regularly provides a range of creative activities and get-togethers for children and families. Welcome to join our network!

What is your mission as a Tampere Ambassador?
I would like to focus my Tampere Ambassador activities on organizing a comfortable meeting place for all families, regardless of their cultural origin, in Tampere  at our international daycare and family center TreasurIQ. Multicultural families are welcome to join our get-togethers to discuss topics of interest on their mind. We are happy to take care of the kids during parents' discussion. During the family meetings, we could raise such issues as:

- organization of a comfortable daily routine, study and work life (also – the best suitable way of combining these activities) here in Tampere,
- Finnish language informal practical classes and social integration,
- discussions about ensuring the well-being, successful development, education and care of our children.

We are going to launch projects with family-focused businesses, non – commercial service providers and professionals in Latvia, inviting them to visit our place in Tampere and share their services and expertise. Hence, the positive cooperation feedback will come back to Latvia and, hopefully, will open Tampere for companies and non – profit organization in Latvia, too.

We also have access to the Russian experts and companies and are already collaborating with them by organizing international workshops on personal development.

What potential do you see for Tampere in the future?
Tampere is a comfortable and convenient place for families to live and great place to raise kids.
I would be glad to continue developing a network of companies and other internationally-minded people feeling interest to collaborate with partners in Finland – so, why not through Tampere? This will add economical value and provide more quality services for families in Tampere and promote the positive image of Tampere abroad.

Tampere All Bright! Ambassador: Svetlana Auzina​

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