Tampere Ambassador videos

Having said that Tampere is the best place to live, work and study you might have a little doubt on your mind. Don't worry; it is very natural if you haven't visited Tampere yet. We have provided few interviews from our Tampere Ambassadors just for you so that you can learn from locals why Tampere is such a great place:

Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Michael Beversdorf talks about Tampere, startups, innovations – and the interesting industrial history of Tampere.

Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Ursula Helsky-Lehtola talks about her favorite places - in Tampere there is something for everyone all round the year! For further information: visittampere.fi . Are you planning to visit Tampere Region? Then you might want to watch this video.

Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Sébastien Simon tells why Tampere is a good place for export business.

Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Sébastien Simon talks about investing in the Tampere Region. Tampere has 3+1 main advantages, he says. Watch the video to find out what they are!

Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Nuppu Suvanto talks about the multifaceted and international universities in Tampere - and gives you a glimpse of daily life in the international community of the Tampere Region.

Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Rogerio Da Conceicao talks about recruiting international talents. Is it a bright thing to do? How about the risks? And is Tampere Region really an international place for business and personal life? The interview was made at Tampere Hall during the Twinkle 2015 event in December.