Tampere Ambassador: Yibin Liu

Where are you from?
Beijing China

What would you like to tell about yourself?
Bing, a 186cm guy born in Beijing who loves sports (football in particular and he makes for a great goalkeeper) and calls himself a board games geek. Now, the ExpertSender Group General Manager of China.

Why is Tampere the best place to live?
I have heard there is bear in the suburb. Isn’t a cool place? There is an airport where the Ryanair flights depart and arrive every day. (Editor's note: Ryanair flyes to Tampere during summer season.) No queue in the bank but the Alko (liquor store) cashier. If I bought one dozen of beers, the money I earned from packing recycling can buy me another 6 beers. Amazing!

Tell about your professional activities?
I am a businessman and good at selling software.

•What is your involvement in international activities?

07/2013 – present General Manager of Great China Area ExpertSender (Poland)

Managing and directing staff management in sales, operation, financing and human resources. Responsible for the overall direction, coordination, evaluation and carrying out supervisory in China (including Hong Kong, Macau, Tai Wan and China mainland)

06/2008 - 08/2008 Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., Ltd (during 29th Olympic Games)

  • Coordinating of data & timing group and the graphics operators in scene
  • Technical supporting of the professional graphic machine named AGILE
  • Reporting to supervisors from MSL Tech (Spain) and Olympic Broadcasting Services (Spain)

What is your mission as a Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador?
To make Tampere more famous than other Finnish towns, at least surpassing Turku, lol.

What potential do you see for Tampere in the future?

  • Make it a mobile game companies cluster,
  • Make it a winter sport centre.
  • Make it a great movie set (or for TV show) (As NewZealand as the Hobbiton Movie Set)
Yibin Liu Tampere All Bright Ambassador

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