Tampere Ambassador: Zhao Fu

Where are you from?
My hometown is Xiaogan, Hubei province, central or southern China. I also spent 4 years in Jinzhou, Liaoning province, northeastern China, which is another hometown in my mind.

What would you like to tell about yourself?
I came to study at Tampere University of Technology as a master degree student in August 2014, I major in materials science. During the past two years in Tampere, I have gained lots of excellent experience, deep understanding, a strong sense of love with Finland and the people here. My life was full of tough struggle in the first half year due to the lack of friends and understanding of Finland and Finns, while later on, several Finnish friends, including my girlfriend, changed my life and greatly helped me integrate to the Finnish life. I started to get more and more interest in understanding more about the society and culture of Finland, and also, more about Finns. I start to see that my mind is more and more connected with Finland, and I come to see more and more beauty of here and be motivated to explore the potential of Finns and Finland. This is also the chief reason that motivates me to join the work of Tampere Ambassador.

I will graduate after half year. But I plan to live in Tampere longer based on the relationship with my girlfriend or family ties, I also aim at continuing doctorate study in Tampere.

Why is Tampere the best place to live?
I’d like to explain based on my experience. My life here shifted from an international environment to a more and more Finnish environment due to the people I contact. I go deeper and deeper to the Finnish life and the local people. The culture, nice people, quiet life atmosphere here capture my mind most!

Second, the society is very stable and safe, traffic is convenient, natural and social environment is awesome, life quality and education quality are high, these social aspects can provide people good insurance and conditions for good experience and life.

Third, Tampere is very good place that creates opportunities for the individuals to grow yourself, people’s talents are appreciated and developed, I feel strongly encouraged to participate and grow myself here.

The last point, good prospect for the future. I come to see that Tampere can be very potential market in the future if the some good fields can be more promoted and marketed.

Tell about your professional activities?
I currently define myself an international student. I gained good experience in interacting with people with diverse background, I also appreciate and enjoy intercultural activities a lot. While now I feel more and more connected to Finland, I interact with Finnish friends, gain more Finnish experience, understand more about Finnish society.

What is your involvement in international activities?
My personal life is full of activities with international people. When studied in Chinese university, I basically created a club for connecting the international students with local Chinese students for communicating, making friends, activities and games. I worked as campus radio anchor in English radio program when studied in the Chinese university, and I created a program of live interview broadcasting, and invited some international students to participate in the radio program. I also organized travel with few international friends. In Tampere, I do more about promoting Finland to Chinese friends. I also did interpreting work for the Chinese entrepreneurs group visit in Tampere.

What is your mission as a Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador?
First of all, from an international students’ viewpoint, I would promote Tampere and Finland to more people for study, I would be excited to make more people know about the excellent education and student life in Finland. I would also enjoy promoting the education corporation if possible. Second, try to explore potential opportunities for Chinese individuals and/or institutions to visit Tampere, this would be potential, since people in China understand very little about Finland. Third, try to explore and promote more business opportunities, to help the cooperation of Chinese institutions with Tampere.

What potential do you see for Tampere in the future?

  1. Education cooperation and education-related industry. Finnish education holds high standards and quality, and Tampere is very ideal place for study. Tampere3 would integrate more educational resources as well. Chinese highly emphasize education, and keep good attitude to learn from western countries in education, while currently in China, the understanding about Finnish education is extremely limited. Such cooperation can enable Chinese schools learn more efficient education, and bring Tampere some business opportunities.
  2. Travel: the disadvantageous location of Finland makes it unknown to many countries, also to China. Travel of Chinese to Finland has increased a lot in the recent few years, while the beauty of Tampere and Finland worth more travelers to come. Meanwhile, the flight from China to Finland is the most convenient way to connect China and Europe, which should benefit more travelers.
  3. High-tech industry cooperation and international business. Tampere has lots of high-tech companies, which utilize good technologies to benefit the life, these can be more promoted and be more known by Chinese companies. China is now at the stage of industry updating, which needs lots of higher level technical innovation and cooperation. The Chinese company Wuxi China-Europe International Technology Transfer Center is a good example to promote the application of technology here to China.
Zhao Fu Tampere Ambassador

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