Tampere Ambassador part of the Team Finland's delegation in Colombia

Team Finland visited Colombia with high-level business delegation on 23-25th of October and Peru on 26-27th of October 2017. The theme of the Colombia's visit was Cleantech, waste management, waste-to-energy, renewable energy (Colombia), Mining and Education (Colombia and Peru). The trip was led by the Prime Minister of Finland Mr. Juha Sipilä. During the trip the delegation met for example Colombia’s President Mr. Juan Manuel Santos and other leaders of the country. What makes this trip special is the fact that Tampere Ambassador Gloria Zuniga was part of the delegation.

Tampere Ambassador Gloria Zuniga and the Prime Minister of Finland

Gloria was representing the Finnish company Ecomation but she was also promoting Tampere as the best place to do business as a Tampere Ambassador. The goal of the visit was to open doors, create contacts and improve networks. The trip was also important on a national level because Finland had just opened an embassy in Bogota. Here’s how Gloria describes the trip:

"I went to Team Finland Day on September and I they told me that there was a delegation going to Colombia. Tommi Pajala, CEO of Ecomation Ltd,  thought this would be a perfect time to go there because the legislation and the knowledge of  the technical waste management had gone much further. These were exactly the obstacles we faced few years ago."

Gloria thought also that the trip would be a perfect chance to execute her mission to promote Tampere as a vibrant business environment. People who she met were very interested and excited to receive information about Finnish city which is located beyond Helsinki.

"I invited the people that  I met to come and visit Tampere. I praised the business environment and especially the IT-sector of this city. Whenever there was a good moment I gave out the brochure materials and USB memory sticks which I got from  Business Tampere before the trip."

Tampere Ambassador Gloria Zuniga giving the information about Tampere to the president of Colombia.

All in all, the trip was a huge success and it had very positive outcomes for both business' and Tampere’s point of view. First, Gloria received a lot of new contacts, e-mails and business offers from the people she met - one contact came even from Peru where she didn’t even visit but the positive word had obviously spread out.

Second, people were impressed of how Finns were approaching and doing business abroad. In the long run, Gloria’s actions truly help putting Finland and Tampere on the map of successful businesses.

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