Tampere Ambassador: Alessandro Tomasi

Where are you from?

I'm from Trento, a picturesque city surrounded by mountains in the northeast of Italy, just a short car ride away from the German speaking part of the country.

What would you like to tell about yourself?

I'm creative, curios and keen to understand how everything works.

I love to spend time outdoor surrounded by nature, when I’m not in front of the computer!

I’m enthusiastic about the future challenges we’ll face as a society. I’m open to hear interesting non-conventional ideas and to discuss opportunities in different emerging fields.

What makes Tampere special for you?

I lived in Tampere for one academic year during my Erasmus exchange in 2013. Being a TUT student, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in one of the greatest student cultures of Europe.

The city is really student friendly, and with three universities in the region there's always an event happening. That helps especially during the long and dark winter days.

Moreover, Tampere is surrounded by forests and lakes which radiate to the city a calming effect and assure plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature throughout the year.

I myself miss a lot the quiet Saturday afternoons at the Rauhaniemi public sauna!

The locals are quiet, but never hostile and sincerely supportive and available to help!

Tell about your professional activities?

I have just started my career in the computer networking industry in an equipment vendor company.

At the moment, I'm involved on network automation projects for both internal tools and service providers.

While I learned a lot in my first job, I see myself more in a Research and Development role in my future.

What is your involvement in international activities?

I'm quite active internationally as I studied in different countries over the years. Moreover, I recently joined the Board of my alumni association (EIT Digital alumni) which associates graduates from a wide network of European Universities.

What is your mission as a Tampere Ambassador?

I'm looking forward to discover opportunities in the Tampere area and share them to my network.

I can recommend the city as a place to study and do research as I've experienced myself the quality of the education.

What potential do you see for Tampere in the future?

I hope the city can evolve further in its international outreach by offering a fertile ground for innovative businesses. It’d be nice to see Tampere up in the most-innovative cities of Europe, as it has great potential and an ideal size to lead the digital transformation.

Alessandro Tomasi