Tampere Ambassador: Nhu Kangasniemi

Where are you from?

Hei. My name is Nhu. I’m from Vietnam, destination of tropical weather with beautiful, endless beach shore across the country.

What would you like to tell about yourself?

I have been living in Finland for over 4 years. I moved here since I was 19 to do my bachelor degree. It was my very first time to live abroad and I had to admit that it was challenging for me in the beginning to get used to new life, new environment. However, thanks to the friendliness of Tampere, I have adapted so well to the Finnish culture even though small culture shocks still appear sometimes but it doesn’t matter so much anymore. At the moment, I have finished my studying and I’m looking for job opportunity to utilize my skills and knowledge into working life. I’m excited about it and I hope that I can be a bridge builder between Vietnam and Finland in business cooperation.

What makes Tampere special for you?

Activities and Networking. There are a lot of activities for foreigners who live in Tampere to participate. Ranging from studying, sport clubs to events, festivals, these activities will encourage you to be active always. My favourite website is visittampere.fi. From there, you can find all the practical information related to Tampere like event calendar, city guides, “Living here”. The website is designed for visitors, tourists, immigrants and even locals. Make sure you don’t miss out any interesting event on that page.

I personally love food and yoga. There are so called days like “Ravintolapäivä” where international and local food sellers will make their pop-up restaurants. The diversity of food choices is limitless, only your stomach is. Besides, I also join the free yoga group exercise for youth every Thursday. It keeps me healthy and stay relaxed even in dark winter time.

Apart from that, “Tamperelaiset” (Tampere locals) are always nice and easy-going. I have a Finnish family as my friend. We were introduced to each other from a programme in school, in an aim to get international students familiar with Finnish culture. We become very close to each other and I feel that I truly have a second family here as well.

Tell about your professional activities?

I have just graduated last month from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, bachelor in Business Administration. During my studying and after that, I had many opportunities to attend and join many different activities to support my professional choice. The most recent example could be InnoEvent 2017. It was great experience to be a part of it. The event was successfully organised with over 600 attendances & the given challenges were truly practical and interesting. For this period, I’m enrolling in Mentoring Programme of Business Tampere and I’m accepted to be a mentee. I have met my mentor a few times and he has helped me significantly in my job seeking journey. To put in summary, I would say there are many chances to develop your profession in Tampere if you are actively looking for it.

What potential do you see for Tampere in the future?

Tampere is still on the way to enhance and promote its internationalism. I can imagine how Tampere will turn to be the most attractive international hub in Finland. I believe that the beauty should not stay in silence, we have to speak it out together.