Tampere Blog Post Contest winner: Love Travelling -blog

Talent Tampere organized a blog post contest in September. We received good applications, thank you so much for those! The one that really stood out was a blog called Love Travelling.  The good quality pictures, inspiring stories around the destinations and wide global audience of thousands of people were the points that we found very impressive.

We are very excited to have Marion, the author of the blog, visiting us in early February. We will explore together what Tampere has to offer when it comes to travelling, business and internationalisation. We will publish all the blog's posts about Tampere on this page so stay tuned! In fact, you can start the journey right now beacuse Marion has already posted a text of Tampere's industrial heritage and her thoughts of winning the contest. 

We hope you hop in to follow the Love Travelling -blog's journey to Tampere!
You can follow the blog here, Instagram here and Twitter here.

Warmly welcome Marion and Love Travelling -blog!