Tampere Chamber Music 2017

TAMPERE CHAMBER MUSIC 2017 – music and wellbeing play together is a new festival in Tampere. The festival consists of six music concerts, clinic workshops (violin, piano incl. physiotherapist), four lectures, chamber music master classes. The event is in Tampere, Finland 19-22 January 2017.

The series of concerts are: 1. Movement, breath-dance-energy, 2. Power, control-freedom, 3. Tone/Timbre, touching-healing, 4. Together, mind and body open, 5. Warmth, passion-colours, 6. Peace, roots-senses-beauty.

The high class European artists are: Robert Cohen, Yuval Gotlibovich, Roope Gröndahl, Heini Kärkkäinen, Tuomas Lehto, Priya Mitchell, Minna Pensola, Jukka Perko, Réka Szilvay, Jarmo Saari, Minna Tervamäki, Teemu Viinikainen.

The lecturers of wellbeing are: specialist doctor (gyn.) Leena Larva, Docent of child psychiatry Jari Sinkkonen, OMT-physiotherapist Satu Palo, dancer étoile Minna Tervamäki (Minna´s Methods), Jukka Perko Avara trio, Professor of Neurology Seppo Soinila.

The concert venues in Tampere are: Tampere Hall Main Auditorium (together with Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra) and Small Auditorium, Music Academy in Pyynikintori, Tampere City Hall, Telakka, Piano Pedagogic Laboratory of TAMK and Duunari in Hämeenpuisto, Koukkuniemi institution for elderly (not public) and Restaurant von Nottbeck in Näsilinna.

The idea of this festival came from Heini Kärkkäinen, artistic director of this festival and great international pianist. She loved to combine wellbeing and music.

Ursula is an active TampereAllBright Ambassador who was born in Tampere. She has been producing and managing the project for the first time in very close cooperation with Heini Kärkkäinen, who knows the chamber music field and who has invited her artist friends to Tampere. Ursula is enthusiastic to develop Tampere Region and she has experience in networking, project work and marketing. Ursula also loves classical music and Music Academy is a place in Pyynikintori, which she knows from her childhood. Ursula has strong intercultural and communications skills and she has a background in higher education, project coordination and marketing.

“ I think Tampere need to upgrade the events and festivals and to offer also something in the classical music. There are lots of other type of music festivals in Tampere. We also have a great cooperation with Tampere Filharmonia and two of the concerts of the festival are in cooperation with them. We decided with Heini that we need to have some beautiful venues for beautiful music too. It is not often when people get the possibility to go to a concert in the City Hall or in Näsilinna! Heini also wanted the share her knowledge and experience of the health and wellbeing impacts of music to all people. Therefore we have the lectures with medical doctors too. Music heals – music and wellbeing play together. Warmly welcome to the concerts and lectures!  I want to express the gratitude and appreciation for our main sponsor Pirkanmaa Culture Fund (Pirkanmaan Kulttuurirahasto) and all the sponsors and people who have helped to make this true." Ursula Helsky-Lehtola

Tickets: http://www.ticketmaster.fi/artist/tampere-chamber-music-lippuja/977789

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6bOerGZSqs

Www pages and programme: www.tamperechambermusic.com

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/tchambermusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tamperechambermusic/

BTW! If you are interested in sponsoring the festival, please contact our Ambassador Ursula Helsky-Lehtola (ursula.helsky-lehtola(at)tamk.fi)