The Faces of Tampere project by Laura Vanzo

This autumn Tampere ambassador Laura Vanzo had an idea to start a project called Faces of Tampere and she started to ask people about their favourite places in the city region and at the same time took a photo of them.

This is how she describes the project:

"The idea of Faces of Tampere project came to my mind because of a “difficult to describe” feeling. What gives to Tampere such an attractive atmosphere? By simply finding out what people’s favourite places are in the city or around, I satisfy step by step my own curiosity, promoting at the same time those places to visitors… and this is most likely one of the most honest ways to do marketing! I mean that I am not overselling anything, I only report true facts, through my camera and a short article per portrait.”

She has now photographed around 50 people in the Tampere city centre and her target is to have at least 100 photos in total.

“Faces of Tampere is one more opportunity to see the city through different angles and very personal points of view. It is funny, it is emotional, it is surprising or not, but it is especially true. People are not trying to please anyone through their answers, and I love to share this natural rush of affection for the city with the foreign network going on the English webpage of Visit Tampere. The project is also weekly visible on the city’s Instagram account, TampereAllBright.”

Read Laura’s whole blog text: https://tampereallbrightmagazine.fi/blog/faces-of-tampere-in-the-search-of-that-special-x-factor

You can take a closer look to her project from: http://visittampere.fi/article/faces-of-tampere

And you can follow Tampere All Bright! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tampereallbright/

Here is Laura's personal website: http://lauravanzo.wixsite.com/portfolio
or on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pensa-art/


Good news! The Faces of Tampere Project is now in Aamulehti newspaper!


(Link in finnish but still, woohooo :D ) -Laura Vanzo

This project has already reach about 3000 Instagram likes!