Tools for promoting Tampere Region as a great place to do business

Invest Tampere

InvestTampere.fi tells you why Tampere Region is the best place to bring a business to or to invest in.

You can find:

  • Testimonials from companies telling why they are located in the Tampere Region.
  • Information about strong fields of industry, business opportunities and the innovation environment enabling creation of new and better products and processes.
  • Infromation about the talented workforce that's available in Tampere (one of the key reasons companies come and stay in Tampere).
  • Information about services that Tredea provides for the businesses interested locating or investing in the Tampere Region.
  • News that back up the claim that Tampere Region is the best place for business.

Share the news

Follow the Tampere - All Bright social media channels to like and to share positive business news from the Tampere Region. The channels are:

  • Twitter: @BusinessTampere
  • Facebook: BusinessTampere
  • Youtube: Business Tampere channel has variety of videos telling about Tampere Region's exellence. The videos are free for you to use at any context you see fit. 

Business Tampere Magazine is a web publication that features positive business news from the Tampere Region.

Create your own content

The most convincing aspect of promotion is, of course, your own enthusiasm and personal experience. Good places to show that enthusiasm and promote Tampere Region as a good business destination are, for example:

  • Professional and field specific discussion groups all around internet.
  • A blog of your own.
  • A guest post for someone else's blog (for example, professional magazine, blog or website, your employers blog or maybe your home university's blog).
  • Positive blog posts on all aspects of Tampere are welcome at Business Tampere Magazine's blog. If interested, contact Mari Taverne (mari.taverne(at)tredea.fi).
  • Find out if your original home city officials or a local paper publish stories from one of their own living abroad.
  • Events in Finland and abroad (tell about Tampere while networking or, even better, make yourself available for speaking slot).  
  • Whatever form of social media (remember to use #BusinessTampere whenever you tell anything positive about the Tampere Region).

Business Tampere logos and pictures are available and free for you to use when making and giving presentations (PowerPoint or other), making blog posts or whatever you might need them for. Register here for access to the photo and logo bank. If you have any questions, contact Maiju Viiki and she'll help you out (maiju.viiki@businesstampere.com).

Thriving Through Technology Brochure

  • Thriving through technology flyer tells about Tampere's exellence in IoT and that Tredea helps when you want to join the ecosystem of Internet of Tampere. Download it here

If you have an event, meeting, seminar or other you'd like to take some brochures to, please, order them by contacting Maiju Viiki (maiju.viiki(at)businesstampere.com).

What to do when a company shows interest? Click here for the next step!

Let's hear it!

If you run into information about business opportunities in your original country we'd love to share the information to the companies in the Tampere Region. These might be:

  • Possible business delegation visits (whether through city officials or private sector).
  • Events in Tampere or abroad that create an opportunity for a Finnish company to meet with foreign companies.
  • Knowledge of an upcoming field of industry that might benefit from know-how we have in Tampere. 

Or if you work for a company in the Tampere Region that does something newsworthy we'd be more than happy to tell the world. Contact Mari Taverne in Business Tampere (mari.taverne@businesstampere.com,  +358 40 801 2686).