Tools for promoting Tampere Region as a great place to visit

Visit Tampere

The official tourist information site VisitTampere.fi is not only for those who visit Tampere but also for those who live here. The site introduces the current events and festivals, and recommends the gems of the Tampere Region in three categories: See & Do, Eat & Sleep, Design & Shopping. You can find all this in Finnish, English and Russian.

Follow and share!

The easiest way to promote Tampere Region as a great place to visit is to follow Visit Tampere's social media channels, and like & share.

The channels are:

  • Instagram: VisitTampere
  • Twitter: Tweets in English and in Finnish @VisitTampere. #Tampere #Finland
  • Youtube: Visit Tampere Official channel has variety of videos telling about Tampere Region's exellence. The videos are free for you to use at any context you see fit.  
  • Facebook: Visit Tampere is testing a new language selection function on Facebook. The language options are Finnish, English, German and Russian. Facebook will show you a default language according to your language settings on Facebook. If you wish to change the language the picture below shows how. www.facebook.com/visittampere 
Switch region Visit Tampere
Click on the three dots, choose "Switch Region" and choose your preferred language.

Free tip! You can invite your friends to like Visit Tampere on Facebook. Klick the "Invite friends to like this Page" banner on Visit Tampere's profile.

Tell it in your own words 

The most convincing aspect of promotion is, of course, your own enthusiasm and your personal experience. Go, see, experience, and share it on social media! It doesn't matter what channel you use, just as long as you use the tag #VisitTampere whenever you tell anything positive about the Tampere Region.

Lots of people have personal blogs nowadays. If you are one of them, and have reader statistics to show, many events, happenings, restaurants and tourism sights might be able to let you in for free or provide something extra for your visit in exchange for being featured in international blog. Contact the staff and ask! This also works if you have friends and family visiting who blog.

If you don't have your own blog or access to other people's or organizations' blogs there is the Business Tampere Magazine's Blog that you can write for. Positive posts about all aspects of Tampere are accepted. If interested, contact Mari Taverne (mari.taverne(at)businesstampere.com).

Pictures of Tampere

In case you would need to illustrate your words with pictures, the Tampere Photo Bank is made for it. This picture bank gives you access to all kind of topics, such as “Food and restaurants”, “Attractions”, “Events and festivals”, “Activities”, “Art and museums” and much more, in the city and around.

Please note that the aim is to advertise Tampere area, and the photos are not to be used in commercial purposes. Also, Visit Tampere and the name of the photographer must be mentioned.

Maps, guides and brochures

All maps, guides and brochures can be picked up from Tampere tourist information (Hämeenkatu 14b, the Tampere Theatre building). And if you have any questions at all, the helpful staff is there for you. Check the opening hours here

Here are some in digital form:

  • Tampere museums 2018 brochure, download English version here.
  • From locals with love map shows you the locals' favorite restaurants, shops and sights. Browse and download  the map in English, in Finnish, in Russian and in German.
  • Fun for kids in Tampere map. Download  the EnglishFinnish and Russian version.
  • Flow of life in Tampere image brochure. See it here.
  • City-map. Download here.
  • City-Opas (City Guide) free mobile app. Download the app from Google Play, App Store or Windows Phone -store. It is available as separate easy-to-use Finnish, English and Russian language versions. Read more here.

If you have an event, meeting, seminar or other you'd like to take some brochures to, please, order them by contacting maiju.viiki(at)businesstampere.com