Tools for promoting Tampere Region as a great place to work

Talent Tampere 

Talent Tampere is a service for bringing international talents and Tampere Region companies together.

From TalentTampere.fi/talents you will find information about the services available for professionals who move from abroad (language courses, Mainio immigrant information centre, professional networks and career stories etc.). In addition the pages offer stories about professionals living in Tampere Region and testimonials from the locals.

Information about the strongest fields of expertice you can find at Invest Tampere's investment areas

More general information about living in Tampere you can find at Visit Tampere's Live here page.

Follow, share and discuss!

The easiest way to promote Tampere Region as a great place to work is to follow social media channels, like & share and take part in professional discussions:

Tip! LinkedIn and Facebook are full of groups that concentrate on job hunting either general or field specific. Join them and tip them off with job opportunities in the Tampere Region companies.

Check out the visit promotion toolkit for more general image marketing and non-business events.

Tell it in your own words

The most convincing aspect of promotion is, of course, your own enthusiasm and your personal experience. Go, see, experience, and share it on social media! It doesn't matter what channel you use, just as long as you use the tag #BusinessTampere whenever you tell anything positive about the Tampere Region.

Blogging is a great way to share you experience on what it is like to work in Finland. Everyday stories in your own personal blog or more analytic writings in a foreign newspaper's, organization's or website's blogs' are all positive news for the Tampere Region.

If you don't have your own blog or access to other people's or organizations' blogs there is the Business Tampere Magazine's blog that you can write for. Positive posts about all aspects of Tampere are accepted. If interested, contact Mari Taverne (mari.taverne(at)businesstampere.com).

Brochures and other material

If you have an event, meeting, seminar or other you'd like to take some brochures to, please, order them here >>

Tampere - logos and pictures are available and free for you to use when making and giving presentations (PowerPoint or other), making blog posts or whatever you might need them for. Register here for access to the photo and logo bank. If you have any questions, contact Mari Taverne and she'll help you out (+358 40 801 2686 , mari.taverne@businesstampere.com). You will also find the Ambassador logo in the bank.

How about the rest of the family?

International talents often need to know about the spouces' employment possibilities, daycare, and other daily things that comes with a family moving to another country. Here are good links to pass forward: