A New Recruitment Service which connects International Talents and Employers

TE-services have launched a new recruitment service called “Jobs for Immigrants” in Pirkanmaa area. The aim of the service is to bring employers and immigrant job seekers together.

Jobs for Immigrants -specialists help immigrants to search for positions in their area of expertise and can also help applicants to find work try-outs. The targeted customer group is a group of motivated, talented immigrants, who have been registered as job seekers in TE-services. For employers Jobs for Immigrants provides customized recruitment service. It can include interviewing candidates on behalf of employers and recommending suitable ones for open positions.

If you are registered as a job seeker in Pirkanmaa, TE-services will contact you, if Jobs for Immigrants –service can help you. You can also ask your own TE-services’ specialist whether the service would be a right choice for you.

If you are an employer considering to hire an immigrant or to provide a work try-out for an immigrant, please contact TE-services’ specialists listed below. They can also tell you more about TE-services such as work try-out and pay subsidy.



Cover photo caption: ”TE-services’ specialists Venla Kekäläinen and Satu Närväinen on their way to meet employers”