Checklist for the Employer

Thinking of Hiring Immigrants?  - Check this first!

1. Check that the employee has a permit to work, if applicable:
EU / ETA citizens don't need a residence permit. They can work freely in Finland for 3 months. After that, they need to register their stay at the local police station, but they do not need a special residence permit.

Non-EU citizens need a residence permit based on the employment. The type of the residence permit can be checked from the passport or from a separate card. Residence permits are issued by the Finnish Migration Service Migri.

Students are allowed to work max. 25 hours of part-time work weekly during study terms. During the longer holidays, students can work without hourly restrictions (situation in April 2016).

Asylum seekers are allowed to engage in gainful employment in Finland without a residence permit once three months has passed from the submittal of asylum application provided that he or she has a valid travel document that entitles to cross the border. If an asylum seeker does not have such a document, he or she will engage in gainful employment in Finland without a residence permit once six months has passed from the submittal of his/her asylum application. Asylym seekers have this right to work directly by law, and it is not subject to separate application.

These issues are complicated! If unsure, call Finnish Migration Service, tel.  0295 419 600 (customer service at 9-15 from Monday to Friday).

It's the employer, who has the responsibility to ensure that  emplopyees have necessary permits! More information on employer's duties on the site Tyosuojelu.fi.

2. Ask for the tax card
If the person has no tax card, advise him/her to go to the nearest tax office (in Tampere at Hatanpään valtatie 36)
For the tax card, everyone needs a Finnish identity code. This is given primarily in the local register office (Maistraatti) or in the tax office. Tax office service number for businesses: tel. 029 497 051 (in English) or 029 497 050 (in Finnish). Maistraatti / registration of foreigners, tel. 029 553 7507, 029 553 7497.

3. In addition
Prepare a work contract as soon as possible. For an immigrant, it is even more important than for Finns, as the contract proves the person's legitimate reason to stay in Finland. The contact has to be shown when dealing with the authorities (Police, Kela)

Remind the EU citizen to register his/her right of residence at the police station (if s/he stays for more than 3 months). A work contract and a valid passport has to be presented at the time. After the registration, the person will receive a certificate which is valid until further notice. The police carries a fee for the registration.

The employee may ask for help in Tampere Migration Info Center Mainio, which serves customers in several languages. Tel. 040 806 2526, 040 806 2527, Tuomiokirkonkatu 12, Tampere, Email: maahanmuuttajainfo@tampere.fi. The service is free of charge and it doesn't require a pre-booked appointment, but it is recommended to check the schedule of different languages from the home page of Mainio.