Demola projects for companies

Demola is a place where project partners, universities and students get together to make new innovative demos and prototypes. Demola builds the project topics together with project partners and gathers a multidisciplinary team to create a demo in 4-month project campaign, based on real needs and challenges described by project partner. Annual Demola campaigns are Demola Spring, Summer and Autumn, each one of these consisting of different milestones according to the Demola facilitation model.

Demola makes sure that both parties, student team and project partner benefit from the project result in a balanced way – the team owning the project result by default and the project partner having the opportunity to license the results for own utilization. We’ve done projects with a wide range of project partners – from big industry (e.g. Konecranes, Kalmar, Nokian Tyres) to start-ups (SensoTrend, Koutu Digital, Ovelin) and public sector (City of Tampere, City of Helsinki, universities). The total number of projects done in Demola Tampere is has reached 500 after the end of Demola Spring 2017. All Demola project descriptions and blogs can be found on Demola web site.

The clear focus of a Demola project is the functional demo or prototype, which can be then used for various purposes. Demo can be a tool for internal decision-making or as well for supporting sales. Demola project can lead to several positive side effects – as the team (or part of it) building a start-up on the project theme or team member(s) recruited by the project partner.

From project partner’s point of view Demola project should be a way to build a demo on much easier and more agile way when compared to the internal implementation – bringing in the different disciplines and fresh ideas. As done in agile way, in the beginning nobody knows exactly what will be the project output. At best, Demola projects give suprising results and a good boost to R&D!

Now the call for projects of Demola Autumn 2017 is open!  

Find out more about Demola in tampere.demola.net.

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