Finland Relocation Services solves the challenges of international hires!

International talent in Finland has to contend with many issues: there’s the complex bureaucracy of residence permits and local registrations, the banking legislation that often means that prospective employees have to wait for a long time to have unrestricted access to their accounts, and the delays these cause in starting a productive employment.

With FRS all such issues are solved – from acquiring the key documents and permits to helping with the practical tasks of finding adequate housing, local schooling options and other everyday necessities. FRS is thorough in making sure that every aspect of your employee’s relocation is handled effectively and efficiently.

The logic is simple – a smooth transfer enables your employee to become productive and familiarize him- or herself with your organization quickly. Being free to concentrate on work and getting measurable results is in the best interest of all parties and saves both time and money for you. Our staff of professionals understands this and is fully experienced in making every relocation as personal and supportive as the situation requires.

Our services include:

  • Getting the necessary residence and work permits quickly
  • Tackling the local government compliance like taxation and social security
  • Finding good homes smoothly
  • Organizing school and daycare matters
  • Providing spousal support
  • And much more

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