Finnpartnership: direct business connections with emerging markets and funding

Finnpartnership joins businesses from emerging markets with Finnish businesses and gives funding to Finnish companies for planning and starting long term business operations in target countries. Finnpartnership provides seed-funding for the planning and development phases of projects. Supported projects are expected to have developmental effects in target countries, for example to create jobs in the long run.

In order to identify the most potential business proposals from emerging markets and to actively push them to Finnish business life, Finnpartnership has created a network of ‘Company Spotters’. Company Spotters are independent consultants with various sector-specific business knowledge and extensive company networks in emerging markets. Company Spotters operating in target countries (40) channel promising companies to Finland and the spotters operating in Finland (40) identify suitable Finnish partners for them. The service is free for companies, when the initiative comes from the company in a developing country.  

Among the Company Spotters are also experts with immigrant backgrounds. Finnish companies can benefit from their special expertise and networks either by being “spotted” as a potential Finnish partner or being actively in contact with the spotters operating in Finland.

Finnpartnership is a Business Partnership Programme funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and managed and implemented by Finnfund.