Foreign language skills are extremely valuable for Leomuovi

It’s difficult to imagine a life without plastics, but have you ever thought about where plastic parts actually come from?

Leomuovi, an injection molding and compression molding company located in the small community of Viiala, 40 km from Tampere, is a specialist in producing plastic parts for any need imaginable. Leomuovi’s customer base ranges from big factories to small companies and even occasional inventors in need of the right parts for a prototype or small series production. The company is international: Russia, Sweden, Estonia, Poland and Hungary are where Leomuovi’s main international clients are located.

Leomuovi Oy’s main focus is on contract manufacturing: customized technical components and multicomponent products

Besides molding, assembling and delivering plastic parts and assemblies, which include components made from metals, rubber or ceramics, Leomuovi also supports its customers in their product development and design of plastic parts. Offering these services is not only an issue of providing the right technology and constantly updating their production line, it is also about communication. This is where Gala Kerezova, Leomuovi’s multilingual export manager, comes in.

Multilingual and ready to learn
Gala, who was born in Bulgaria and studied and worked in Poland and Germany before moving to Finland, is a specialist in understanding and providing solutions for the needs of every particular customer.

"On the one hand, I support our customers in their everyday business during contract negotiations or by arranging production and deliveries. On the other hand, we help many of the customers materialize their ideas. They tell us what they need and our job is to find the best solution for them."

Gala Kerezova, Export Manager at Leomuovi

Listening to Gala talk about plastics and technology, it’s easy to forget that her background is in languages and philology rather than in engineering or material science. In the four years since she has started working for Leomuovi – at first as an intern –, she has learned a lot. This is also what she advises other international talents to do when looking for a job in Finland:

"When moving here, try to understand the needs of the labor market as well as possible. Adapt your CV accordingly, and be prepared to learn by attending courses that fit those needs.“ And: “It’s not impossible to switch to a new field, even a technical one."

Skills are what matters
Upon arriving in Finland, Gala signed up for a eight-month program in Russian trade at The Summer University of Tampere even though her knowledge of Finnish was still limited. However, she did not let this discourage her and today she is even studying in a Finnish-language degree program at TAMK. At Leomuovi, she uses Finnish on a daily basis.

Of course, other language skills are a big asset, and to Risto Kalliainen, CEO of Leomuovi, the most important one foreign talents bring along:

"Foreign language skills are extremely valuable for a company like Leomuovi.“

Risto Kalliainen, CEO of Leomuovi

To him, expertise and motivation are what matter. And from an administrative perspective, he has never experienced any difficulties with hiring international employees.

The story of Gala and Leomuovi is a success story in many ways: of a talented individual who found an interesting and dynamic job in Finland thanks to her language skills, willingness to learn, and proactive and flexible mindset; and of a company that has achieved a competitive advantage by nurturing and relying on those skills.

"In the end“, says Risto, "what really matters is if someone is ready to get things done.“

CEO Risto Kalliainen and Gala Kerezova of Leomuovi and Julia Rigal, writer for Talent Tampere, on the Leomuovi premises in Viiala.