Funding for internationalisation

Internationalisation requires the long-term allocation of financial resources to development, working capital and investments. Companies can receive public funding for the preparations required for internationalisation and international business operations. Funding in the form of subsidies is mainly intended for preparatory phases, while funding in the form of loans is intended for practical internationalisation measures.
Public agencies offer loans, subsidies and capital investments, which require a share of financing from the applicants. The requirement for receiving the funding is usually the pursuit of considerable growth.
A small or medium-sized company that is expanding to foreign markets can receive funding for the following measures, among other things:

  • Purchasing expert services
  • Preparing an internationalisation strategy
  • Product development
  • Selecting a target country and partner
  • Market research
  • Marketing measures

Note! For a market research and market study as a part of larger internationalisation efforts, there is a contribution available towards the salary costs of a new recruitment under certain conditions. Ask more from ELY center. The Finnish term is: "kansainvälistymisavustus". Applications are made by companies.

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