Greetings from Talent Attraction Manager

I have had a pleasure to work with Talent Tampere at Tredea for almost two years now - the best years of my career so far! Together with my professional better half, Marjukka Hourunranta, we have had the opportunity to see English speaking professional networks getting stronger, devote ourselves to the amazing Twinkle initiative, connect international talents to services that support the growth and internationalisation of local companies (for example Outlook MENA & Iran events, Talents for Growth programme in Kasvu Open) and pilot an entrepreneurship course in English. Most of all, we have had a priviledge to work with both amazing companies with a drive to go global and super talented and innovative internationals from all over the world - living right here.

I have a strong feeling that our region has truly become an international talent friendly place. This is of course not only because of Talent Tampere, but also because of the work we have done in the cooperation with local stakeholders, companies and international talents. Companies are more and more open and willing to be connected to internationals, which is the basis for an internationally attractive region in the eyes of talents. Even though the economy has had its downturn and unemployment is high, our companies wish to seek for new opportunities and see that internationals can bring fresh ways of thinking and networks that can open new doors. Like Emil Ackerman, Managing Director and Co-founder at Quva, said after Kasvu Open's Talents for Growth workshop “The talents saw our business through an outsider’s eyes and were therefore able to notice things we’re incapable of seeing ourselves.“ This kind of feedback inspires and drives us forward!

I wish that the points in the Talent Manifest we wrote for the Tampere Region will be manifested also nation wide in the future. As far as it depends on regional Talent Attraction Managers around Finland, we will see this happening quite soon. This was proved by the enthusiasm in the first Talent Attraction Management Finland meet-up where we gathered together with our colleagues around Finland to share expertise and knowledge about international talent attraction and linking internationals to companies. Check out what the other regions are doing in this regard.

I am now taking a next step in my devotion to link companies to international talents. I will start in a new task in the Ministry of Employment and the Economy in August and will continue this work on a national level.

Talent Tampere will keep on rocking and you will be in good hands also in the future! Talent Manager Marjukka Hourunranta, leads Talent Tampere work and continues serving companies in connecting them to international talents in the region. Mari Taverne develops Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador network in order to leverage international networks for the benefit of the region and its economy.

Talent Tampere coordination team at Tredea has got new faces also. Imaneh Ameli, a student of Global and Transnational Studies at University of Tampere, joined the Talent Tampere team as Project Assistant in April. Imaneh is assisting especially in connecting companies to talents from Arabic speaking countries and Iran.

Grace Segovia started as Network Development Assistant in Tredea in May. She develops Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador network contacting professionals currently living abroad but with a background from the Tampere region. Grace also creates a database of international talents from LinkedIn according to companies' needs. She has a strong background of working as a Talent Acquisition Researcher in Dubai.

Feel free to contact the Talent Tampere team! You can find the contact information here: http://talenttampere.fi/contact

I want to thank you for the cooperation so far and wish beautiful and relaxing summer on behalf of the whole Talent Tampere team at Tredea. You can find me in LinkedIn in the future - let's keep in touch!

Best Regards,

Laura Lindeman
Talent Attraction Manager / Talent Tampere

Talent Tampere team at Tredea: Grace Segovia, Marjukka Hourunranta, Laura Lindeman, Mari Taverne and Imaneh Ameli