International University Interns

Want to have an international trainee? Higher education institutions have a pool of approximately 2000 international degree students eager to have their first experiences in Finnish working life. An international trainee gives you an easy way to bring diversity and "ouside of the box" thinking into your company. Career services of the higher education institutions (University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences) are happy to help you!

Completing an internship is a part of a student’s course of study. Internships offer students the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in a practical setting. Employers who offer internships to students gain an extra set of hands to help out in the office for a fixed period of time. Moreover, internships allow employers to build a pool of qualified candidates for recruiting future employees as well as establish solid relationships with the higher education institutions in the region.

Internships may be either voluntary or required as part of the student’s degree programme. They usually last 3-6 months and employers can recruit interns throughout the year. Interns are assigned a supervisor in the workplace. The internships of students pursuing a tertiary degree are generally paid, but policies may vary depending on the higher education institution and field of study. For more information, please contact the career services of the higher education institutions. 

Photo by Opa Latvala​
Photo by Opa Latvala​