Mintrek 2017 for Companies

MINDTREK is an international technology conference that is uniquely packaged to serve a large variety of people from different walks of life. The conference is a culmination of advanced future technologies, business concepts and a possibility to build new networks across industry borders. The conference is organized for 21st time this year in Tampere, Finland on the 20th and 21st of September at Tampere Hall​.

The 2016 conference attracted almost 1,200 participants from all around the world, with 38.8% of attendees coming from outside of Finland. On both Oct 17 & Oct 18, 2016 #mindtrek16​ was Finland’s most tweeted hashtag!

In 2017, the conference will consist of different events including Smart City Event Tampere​, eHealth, Open World​, IoT​, Immersive Tech ​(VR, AR & MR), Mindtrek Challenge​, Recruitment Event​ and Academic Mindtrek, ​as “tracks” under one roof. Smart City Event Tampere will be organized in close cooperation with the City of Tampere.

Target groups for Mindtrek 2017

1. Public Sector:​ such as decision-makers, program directors, health-care professionals
2. Tech Sector:​ such as companies, developers, programmers, IT specialists
3. Academics:​ such as researchers, students, professors

Come and join us for a conference full of thought-provoking speakers, smart business solutions of the future, exciting ideas and, of course, delightful evening entertainment!

September 20th-21st at Tampere Hall - Congress and Concert Centre, Tampere, Finland. For further information you can visit our website at www.mindtrek.org or contact info@mindtrek.org.

Mindtrek 2017 Sponsorship

Having a Mindtrek sponsorship package will give your company increased brand awareness and the possibility to set up a stand in the exhibition area where you will have the opportunity to meet new talents and other companies. Don’t miss out on the chance to widen your network with face-to-face promotion and make long-lasting impressions for future collaboration and relationships. If Mindtrek has relevant themes for your business, it is a great place for connecting people with companies who have similar interests.

We offer 3 different sponsorship packages: Start-Ups & Demos​, Champion​ and Guru​. For small Start-Up companies the package offers the possibility to take part in the event and showcase your company without breaking the bank. If you are interested in getting your own content in the Mindtrek program, the Guru package includes a 30-minute presentation on the Keynote stage. Get to know the sponsorship package details at: www.mindtrek.org/2017/sponsorship/

Mindtrek Challenge​ is an innovation Competition and Pitching Event organized during Mindtrek 2017. The competition is open for all developers, start-ups and SME's alike wanting to bring forward their ideas on a selection of challenges. The best ideas will be pitched at the conference. The first announced Challenge is by the Forum for Intelligent Machines - FIMA.

Find out more and get to know all announced Challenges at: www.mindtrek.org/2017/challenge/

September 20th-21st at Tampere Hall​ - Congress and Concert Centre, Tampere, Finland. For further information you can visit our website at www.mindtrek.org ​or contact info@mindtrek.org.

Target groups for Mindtrek Challenge Competition

● People interested in and capable of working in the field of virtual/augmented/mixed reality
● Coders and programmers
● Individuals, groups, Start-Ups and SME’s

For more info on Mindtrek, sponsorship and tickets, please contact info@mindtrek.org / +358 4 00 41 5858.