Recruit internationals through AIESEC's global youth network

AIESEC offers companies a recruitment channel through our global youth network. Through AIESEC, your company can source, for example, talents in marketing, sales, or IT from Germany, France, USA, China, or any of those +120 countries that AIESEC operates in. Understanding the local reality is a vital part of growing successfully to a new market area. Therefore hiring a person from that reality is a wise move. Add value to your business with talent who can bring in cross-cultural expertise and the ability to communicate and work across cultures effectively.

Through AIESEC your company can find employees with either Bachelor's or Master's Degree for 2-18 months. In addition, we offer unpaid interns for 2-6 months. Take the advantage of the summer peak in intern supply and start looking for new talents to your company now!

Read more about AIESEC Global Talent Program: AIESEC-Global-Talent-program-1.pdf and

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