Recruitment from abroad - Private recruitment companies

In the Tampere region, at least the following private recruitment agencies recruit internationally across the borders:

  • Kipinä offers personnel services especially for the needs of metal industry from Poland. The company also has an office in Poland.
  • Nordic Human Resources Ltd  is a Pirkanmaa-based family business that was established in 2003. In addition to the domestic labor, Nordic provides employees, i.e. from Poland and Estonia for the needs of both recruiting and personnel leasing.
  • Opteam is the market leader in international recruitment. For recruiting international labour to several business sectors, Opteam has own offices in Poland, Slovakia and the Philippines.
  • TEMP-TEAM is one of the biggest personnel service companies in the Nordic Countries. The company has recruited and hired professionals of a number of fields for already 30 years. There are offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Poland, Germany and Singapore, and an agency in Estonia.
  • VMP Group offers a broad range of HR services, including staff leasing and recruiting in different sectors.The company operates in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Romania.
  • VPS Group has been offering labour hire and recruitment services since its establishment in 1987. VPS operates in Finland as a whole as well as in Sweden, Estonia and Hungary. The service offering covers most industry sectors.