Talents adding flavor to Kasvu Open

Kasvu Open, the nation-wide competition for growth-seeking Finnish companies, was finally brought to Tampere this year. The Internet of Things Growth Track took place during February and May 2016. The results were wrapped up at the final event on 9th June.

This Growth Track was added some flavor by a new component, Talents for Growth Workshop. The cases of the participating companies were presented to 11 teams consisting of international talents living in the Tampere region. In the workshop, each company sat down for a meeting with five talent teams. After the workshop, the companies voted for the best three teams.

Kasvu Open was brought to Tampere by Tredea and other partners, and hosted by Kasvun Roihu. The teaming up of the talents as well as the pre-workshop arrangements were planned and carried out by Talent Tampere / Tredea and TreStart.

Satu Haka from Kasvun Roihu describes the cooperation in this pilot process quite fluent: “Having a partner such as Tredea in this with us was such a brilliant idea. The approximately 40 talents, who applied, was more than we expected.”

Satu Haka was excited to see the talents helping the companies to tackle one of their biggest barriers of growth.

What about the participating companies? What was their take on the new workshop?

Emil Ackerman, Managing Director and Co-founder at Quva, gives the talents credit for their active role: “The talents saw our business through an outsider’s eyes and were therefore able to notice things we’re incapable of seeing ourselves.“

“The talent teams were full of surprises”, says Emil Ackerman.

Ackerman is thankful for the visibility, which Kasvu Open brought to Quva during the competition. He compares the meetings with the talent teams to something like an upside-down job interview. “This time we weren’t in charge of inviting the candidates, who were allowed to bring ideas and comments to the table. It was the others who had thought, what could be beneficial to us, and made these choices.”

Henna Paakinaho, Sales Engineer at Collapick, finds Kasvu Open a thoroughly positive experience. “As a company, we made a huge leap forward throughout the process. We got insights into sales and networking, as well as improved on our pitching. With a special thanks to the talents, we learned more ways to avoid speaking geek to our customers. We’re a software business after all”, Paakinaho smiles.

Henna Paakinaho learned more ways to avoid speaking geek to their customers.

Now that the first Growth Track with the talents is over, what are the plans for the future? “The Talents for Growth Workshop will be brought to other cities as well”, Haka says and continues, “This component is a direct answer to the lack of competence, which is one of the biggest barriers  for growth for companies. The talents’ role is to help to fill this gap.”