Talents available in Tampere! How to make best out of the talent pool in LinkedIn?

Talent Tampere - Linking Bright Business with Internationals group in LinkedIn has grown very fast lately. The group is a meeting place for international (both Finns and foreigners) talents and company representatives in the Tampere region. The members come from all over the world and represent various fields of expertise.

There are more than 2600 of us in the group already! The group provides companies a great talent pool - take the best out of it! Active visibility in the group gives you an opportunity to make yourself known by international talents in the region and gives your company a chance to widen your networks also internationally.

We hope you will make the best out of the group! Here are some tips how to do that!

  1. Be active: Start discussions, comment, share tips. The topics can be whatever related to international competence in business life.
  2. Introduce your company for the members of the group. Even though you might not be recruiting at the moment, your company will certainly benefit from the visibility among talents. When you are recruiting some day, it's much easier to find the top talents when you are already known by them.
  3. Crowdsource: Is your company going to new markets? Why not testing your idea, product or website with the multicultural audience in this group? Or asking a group of talents for a cup of coffee and learn about a certain business culture from them.
  4. Find talents: Looking for a new employee for your company? You can freely post a discussion in the group and tell that you are recruiting. Or you might start with crowdsourcing and see who are the most active talents and direct your recruitment post only to them.
  5. Use English: The language of the group in English because we wish that non-Finnish speakers can take fully part in the discussions.
Photo by Atacan Ergin