Twinkle – connecting human potential to business

“When we become hyper connected with technology and disconnected from ourselves, we lose track of our wisdom, sense of well-being and wonder. We need to change that (…)”

Arianna Huffington
President, and Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post

In the decade of global competitiveness and prevalence of smart-technologies, have you ever been wondering, what are the actual factors driving your company forward? What kind of solutions may strengthen the position of your business and guarantee long-lasting growth for your brand? We cannot predict the future, but we can set the stage and develop new ways to evolve your business to face challenging reality on the global market.

Here comes Twinkle – multicultural platform which helps you to discover the value of human potential and the networking connections for business empowerment. Twinkle is the answer for the rapid technologization of market and booster for long-lasting and creative solutions. Twinkle’s core value is to efficiently support business development and contribution for international talents. We want to develop deeper understanding of trends affecting the future of business through active networking and connection of human potential to your business. Diversity is not just a triviality – modern economy and access to international human resources are on the same pipeline. Socially and talent-engaged companies are the leaders in the era of business transformations, when the exchange of international professionals offers real economic value.  Thus, we believe that behind the great stories of successful organizations and products are standing individuals with vision and skills. Imagine the idea of unimpeded access to international competences at your fingertips in one unique space, created for you and your development. Twinkle event is created in order to celebrate the great power of human competences. Twinkle is a movement inspired by people – international volunteers with different background and expertise.

Twinkle will take place on 7-8 December 2015 in Tampere-talo.

Two days, 2,000 people from all over the world. Top speakers. Seminars and workshops. International talents and companies exchanging and co-creating.

Twinkle is initiated and created by Tampere’s international talent community. Twinkle is facilitated by Talent Tampere and Tampere Region Economic Development Company and funded by sponsors. There is a team of international volunteers that make Twinkle happen – for a brighter future, city and business."

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Image by Piia Pälä, Expression​
Image by Piia Pälä, Expression​