Welcoming emerging business opportunities in Iran

New business opportunities are wished welcome in the Tampere region. After nearly ten years, international economic sanctions were lifted in Iran, meaning huge opportunities for foreign investors. What could they be in practice? Some answers were given at the event Outlook Iran – Bright Business Lunch, held in Tampere on 18th April 2016.

Iran is a market area approximately the size of Germany, offering a route to the Eurasian as well as West Asian markets. The aim of Outlook Iran was to share information about business opportunities in Iran, learn about Iran as a country and as a market as well as meet with Iranian talents, who have the knowledge and the networks required for doing business in Iran. Besides satisfying the information craving of the attendees, a traditional Persian lunch–adas polo–was included. The event was organized by Talent Tampere Start of Tredea together with a group of Iranian talents living in Finland. Approximately 110 guests attended the event.

The key economic figures of Iran were shared by H.E. Ambassador of Iran Mr. Kambiz Jalali in his speech. The infrastructure of this oil-based economy is good, and there’s a specific demand for high-technology services and products. The knowhow of Finns e.g. in clean or water technology could be an asset in helping them to acquire new customers in Iran.

Embassador of Iran, H.E. Mr. Kambiz Jalali gave a speach about Iran’s general industry situation and market

Lavinia Husa, Professional Support Lawyer at Borenius, spoke about international money transfer in post-sanctions Iran and gave tips on what to consider when negotiating a sales agreement. Hannu Rossi, Chairman of Finland – Iran Trade Association, shared his personal sales experiences from Iran.

Networking played a significant role in the event. The attendees were given a booklet, which presented several Iranian talents in the Tampere region with their contact details. A couple of talents pitched on stage, and some of them hosted thematic booths, which you were invited to visit freely and where you could fall into interesting conversations during the afternoon. The themes included IT start-ups in Iran, Services for business dealing with Iran, Business culture in Iran, etc.

Ngoc Bui, Project Assistant at Labwise, decided to attend the event, because she finds Iran interesting. She was given some tips about the Iranian business culture by Imaneh Ameli: “Compared with Finland, the dress code is way more formal. Women are expected to cover their hair. Iranians are known for their hospitality and generosity. When attending business meetings, it’s polite to bring your host a gift.”

There are approximately 100 well-educated and active Iranians in the Tampere region. A good example of them is Morteza Dianatfar, Automation Engineer. He encourages everyone to explore their opportunities instead of jumping into the unknown: “Whether you’re a company representative or an international talent, you gain the most benefits by attending several events and meeting people face-to-face.”

The materials of the Outlook Iran event can be found here. Interested in knowing more about Iranian talents in the region? Check the Iranian Talent Profiles!

Companies and talents are networking in Outlook Iran event