Engineers in action at the shop and at TWINKLE

Facilities of Five Watts, Vantaa. A gloomy evening in January. Did I just land in a shop of a propeller head? There are storage shelves filled with prototypes, an impressive laser cutter is sitting on one corner, a mattress is lying on the floor.

Most importantly, I meet four partners, all eager to enlighten me about this company which is building heavy-duty LED work lamps e.g. for construction, forest and mining industries.

Five Watts was represented by Katja Schütt at TWINKLE 2015. They had recognized the event as a chance to broaden their networks. “Before TWINKLE, we asked ourselves ‘What do we need?’”, Katja shares their principle. Fredrik Kindstedt adds: “We want to establish our Scandinavian markets, but also reach out to Europe and the USA.”

Reflecting back now, Katja is satisfied with the outcome: “We booked meetings through TWINKLE Match and made 20 new contacts.” She mentions the meetings with several representatives of foreign Chambers of Commerce, who assisted them with help with market research and further contact information.

It was also an eye-opener to realize that organizations such as Finpro or Fintra are willing to help SMEs grow in international markets. “We thought they were for giants only”, Katja admits.

There certainly is life after TWINKLE for these guys, who seem to have turned their words into action. “The new networks are of great value. We’ve had negotiations on licensing our product to India, as well as a meeting with an investor.”

How should all attendees prepare themselves before attending TWINKLE? Katja is ready with guidelines: “Become acquainted with the profiles of others beforehand, and set up those meetings! Every encounter counts. For example, you can learn useful facts about customer margins, even through a nice chat.”

In the spotlight. John Morelius (left), Katja Schütt, Fredrik Kindstedt and Ville Schütt in their shop with the work lamp ZAURAC 4-30.