FINN-GUILD – an active link between Finland and Great Britain

Welcome to Finn-Guild!

Finn-Guild is the biggest Finnish-British organization which has operated as a link between Finland and Great Britain for more than 50 years. It was established in 1965 to cater for the needs of the active and growing Finnish community of Britain with events and other networking opportunities. Around the turn of the 21st century, a surge of Finns returning to Finland, and an increase in Brits migrating to Finland led to Finn-Guild’s expanding its operations in Finland.

Today Finn-Guild is an active organization with networks ranging from toddlers to seniors, from singles to families, from Finns to Brits, and even to other English speakers. Our mission is to cherish the Finnish and British culture and heritage, sustain and enhance Finnish and English language skills and offer assistance to our members’ everyday lives in both countries.

Our Finnish-British community is the biggest in the world and currently we have more than 6,000 active members. Finn-Guild publishes a quarterly magazine which has an estimated readership of 20,000. Finn-Guild in the UK also supports the running and operations of Suomikoulu – Finnish Saturday Schools. Currently, we work closely together with Suomikoulu in 21 regions from London to Edinburgh. We also organise the second generation Finns group and, together with the Finnish Church in London, the Finnish Friendship Network.

Finn-Guild in Finland

Around the millennium, a surge of Finns returning to Finland, and an increase in Brits migrating to Finland led to Finn-Guild’s expanding its operations in Finland. The growth has been significant over the past three years in all the cities where are active and we are constantly looking for new members. Finn-Guild memberships are made up of Finns and Brits, their partners and children and in last few years other English speaking people have found us.
Finn-Guild Finland organizes different activities for all ages. We have a combination of local and national events such as Nursery Rhyme Time - for baby and toddler groups, Finnish intensive language courses for immigrants, themed national events like Burns Night, Queen’s Birthday Party, Harvest Festival, Christmas parties, restaurant nights, handicraft and café/bar meet ups. We have active groups in Tampere, Lahti, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Kuusamo and several groups in the capital region. We are expanding our active operations into Turku and Oulu, where we have significant numbers of members.

We are constantly seeking active members who would like to become ambassadors for their local community. Ambassadors are volunteer workers who organize events and meetings, and provide publicity material for the organization. Each year our Ambassadors meet in a different location around Finland, and we also send a small group of Ambassadors to the AGM (Annual General Meeting) in London. Working as an ambassador is fun and it is also a great way to get unique cultural experiences and for making new friends. This kind of position of trust can also be beneficial for your career as it gives you the opportunity for networking at embassy parties, annual meeting and other events.

Come and join us! You can contact us on Facebook or send an email: kate.suominen@finn-guild.org.

Our Finn-Guild team in Finland is:
• Finland: Graham Burns, National Director Finland
• Finland: Kate Suominen, Education and Communication Manager Finland
• Finland: Mika Suvanto, Fundraising Strategy Manager Finland
• Helsinki: Kristiina Jokinen, Ambassador
• Tampere: Kate Suominen and Emma O’Neil Ambassadors
• Lahti: Ulla Ojanen and Anja Loikkanen, Ambassadors
• Jyvaskyla: Graham Burns and Mika Suvanto
• Joensuu: Chloe Wells, Ambassador
• Kuusamo: Pirita Luonuankoski

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