Osuuskunta Paluu co-operative will make return migrants visible

Osuuskunta Paluu co-operative aim is to make the return easier and a low-threshold service to companies who want to use the returning migrants from abroad to gather experience. The Co-operative wishes to work with educational institutions, businesses, municipalities, as well as expert organizations, by challenging them to think about how Finland can be an attractive option for the multi language Finns living abroad.

Return to the Cooperative, has received good results in educational co-operation, Tredu Apprenticeship Training Centre, and Metsähallitus, the provision of the training services is to provide nature companys with more Finnish and foreign tourists.

Osuuskunta Paluu co-operative is involved in creating the international center of Tampere and is planning to create a service center where expatriate Finns could make a connection.

Paluu co-operative wants to make returning migrants visible. The members of the co-operative have the opportunity to commercialize their own skills, to introduce the website, as well as the return charge for the work done in the name of the cooperative.

Osuuskunta Paluu co-operative active members are in Tampere, Pirkanmaa region and the entire metropolitan area. New members and corporate partners are actively searched, are you the newest member or partner? - Contact now

Outi Lehtonen invites all the return migrants to Osuuskunta Paluu​
Outi Lehtonen invites all the return migrants to Osuuskunta Paluu​