Researching new concepts at a TWINKLE Brightshop

The only Moomin Museum in the world will be opened at Tampere Hall in 2017. International brainpower was called for help to fine-tune the concept at a TWINKLE Brightshop, a workshop based on crowdsourcing, in December 2015.

Paulina Ahokas, Managing Director at Tampere Hall, reveals their motives behind TWINKLE Brightshop: ”About 60% of the current visitors of the museum are foreigners. Therefore, we wanted to find out our customer value from an international perspective. We also needed tips on how to promote the visibility of the Moomin Museum through an ambassador program.”

According to Ahokas, it only required a moderate effort to prepare the Brightshop. Ahokas sends her thanks to the TWINKLE Network: “That’s where we found our moderator, who was a perfect fit for the task.”

The moderator’s role was to lead the event, helping participants dig into the questions given in the advance assignment. Ahokas took part in the workshop orientation, as well as in the wrap-up of the results.

With hindsight, what were Ahokas’ conclusions of the Brightshop? ”It assured us that we’re on the right path. The significance of stories in the concept turned out to be very important. We were happy to learn that the ambassador network doesn’t have to be as complicated as we had thought.”

Ahokas finds the strength of TWINKLE lies in the people, many of them bringing fresh ideas outside the Tampere Region. Ahokas recommends this working method to any other company selling internationally competent products or services. ”Carrying out exports is not a must. Insurance companies or a book business at a Brightshop – why not?”

The trump card of the Moomin Museum is its unique collection of over 2 000 artworks. We’re aiming to offer an overall customer experience, says Paulina Ahokas.