Should you walk by or network effectively?

The business event TWINKLE brings together people with similar interests, who sit next to each other during speeches and wait in line for the same coffee. Whilst there at the event, why not utilize the opportunity for actual meetings with these interesting people?

At TWINKLE Match, you can pre-arrange 15-minute meetings with other attendees through Brella, a matching application. What a great way to fill in the gaps in your schedule!

One of the companies who put a great deal of effort into TWINKLE Match at last December’s event was Markkinointiakatemia, an online marketing agency specializing in search engine and social media marketing.

“We had three coworkers attending TWINKLE 2015, mainly just booking meetings to acquire new clients and support our existing networks. This is what we usually do through telephone sales”, says Key Account Manager Jani Peltonen.

According to Jani, TWINKLE was just the right size for prospect-finding purposes:

“There was enough time to contact everyone you were curious about. We were happy with the Brella mobile app, too, which made it easy to book meetings, even during the event.”

Having put their focus so strongly on TWINKLE Match this time, Jani has some afterthoughts for the next year:

“To make the most of it, start the bookings well in advance and pay better attention to the pending invites.”

On conclusion, Jani comes up with a suggestion:

“It’s your own activity that counts in business networking. It doesn’t even need to be a specific tool. For example, could the name tags of the attendees be colour-coded, based on their interests? That way, you would know whose sleeve to grab, while strolling around at the venue.”

Jani Peltonen, Key Account Manager at Markkinointiakatemia is open to new contacts in marketing-related matters.