Take part in the TWINKLE Online Dialogue and develop TWINKLE further!

Let's take TWINKLE to the next level together - take part in the online dialogue! TWINKLE has been set up as an initiative to bring international talents and businesses to interact. The aim is to support Finland's role as a global business player by discovering the potential of diversity for empowerment, growth and innovation. To find the best ways of implementing this, we welcome your great ideas and input! To ease the process of co-creation and brainstroming we have started this online dialogue.

This online dialogue includes two parts.

  1. Give your ideas on possibilities created by diversity and internationalisation. This part is open in February-March.
  2. Prioritise the ideas given by all participants, that is exciting! This part will kick-off in March.

Contribute your thoughts freely. The process is fully anonymous. It is easy to give your ideas – it only requires you to type your ideas and thoughts in your own words. Please take a couple of minutes of your time selecting a rather calm moment when you are open to new thinking.

You can enter the dialogue:


Username: twinkle2016
Password: twinkle

The results will also be published on the revised Twinkle website at the end of March-April and outcomes will be utilised in our communication activities. If you have any questions concerning Twinkle, please contact Beatriz Arze (info@twinklenetwork.fi) or Laura Lindeman (laura.lindeman@tredea.fi). If you have questions about the tool, please contact Hanna-Mari Tuovinen, ActiveInspire (hanna-mari.tuovinen@activeinspire.com).

Please join us on this journey to develop Twinkle into the best platform for interaction between international talents, businesses and public sector!

Best Regards,

TWINKLE Organising Committee

This online dialogue is powered by ActiveInspire, a company that offers an engaging, agile and cost-efficient method to prepare and execute strategy, transformation and impact building. More information: www.activeinspire.com, @activeinspire. ActiveInspire was one of the TWINKLE 2015 partners.